Monday, February 16, 2009


Dartmouth was fun as hell. But the first night i was there we were sledding down an almost vertical 5 story hill of solid ice. As i was going down to try and hit the ramp at the bottom (i was going like 30, bad idea) I tried to put my feet down to stear me a little. But i hit a huge chunk of ice with my foot (it was almost dark)and at the bottom of the ice mountain I got off the sled only to step in a hole and i hyper extended my ligaments and my Achilles tendon :( I ended my night by getting a ride back to the dorm in a police car. The next day i laid inside all day playing COD4, I beat the game. Why did I stay inside all day you ask? I couldn't walk, it sucks not being able to walk. Everyone looks at you funny when you're hopping around everywhere. All in all it was a good time. Shenanigans still went down, just no video... I'm off to bed, i have a long day of peeling the coating off my winch line.

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