Sunday, April 24, 2011

Photo of the day!

This is an underwater photo I took the other day of a 15 ft hammerhead shark eating whats left of an amberine and it was the first time I have taken an underwater picture of a hammerhead shark so I wasn't too sure what to expect. This photo was taken with my sigma 10-20 wideangle. So it makes anything close to the lens look really big and anything far from the lens really small. To put the size of this shark in perspective. This hammerhead was about 10-15 feet behind the bonita that is tied to the boat! This hammerhead shark was almost as long as our 18 foot Key west. Due to the size of our boat, this 15 foot hammerhead really put us all on edge. It was by far the biggest shark I have ever seen. The dorsal fin stood a solid 4 feet tall. And when the dorsal fin stood out of the water, it was taller than my outboard engine. As it circled the boat, we all were about to get a good idea on how massive this shark really was. It came extremely close to our transom a few times and was almost three times the beam of my boat. I had no idea we had sharks this big off the Jupiter Inlet.

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