Monday, August 18, 2008


today fay brought alexxx and I the glass. Man it was amazing. Alex rode like i have never seen him ride before. I was going crazy the whole time. He was throwin lines that should be in volume 8. He i such a consitent rider who is always throwing huge tricks and is always a blast to be around. The vibes today were at an all time high today when alex threw one of the craziest lines i have ever seen. It was about ten or eleven tricks long. There were 3 shuvs every way you can think of, front bigs everywhere you can think of, back bigs all over creation ( cant forget the ts backbig!!) some crazy ass shredding! Linking trick one to another to another to another is something that Mrs. Gaylaska has come to master. Mad props to the man. Hes been around this sport for a while and prgresses each time we go out.

I rode the hampson and the wooden integrity today. I gave the TNT a rest for a day. It was alot of fun changing it up and riding a different baord. and hey, i landed three new tricks! good stuff!

awesomeday all around. There is no school tomorrow so hopefully i'll get to ride. I'll keep all four people who have read this posted hahaha


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