Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Golf course skimmin

well today football practice sadly got cancelled. So unfortunately i had the whole after noon off. It was pouring rain all day long so we decided to go do some golf course skimmin. It was awesome. Everyone was eating so much poop i couldnt stop filming. We were tearing up the golf course pretty bad so we moved to some different spots around the golf course. We had some guys march out there and just sit there and watch us like they are gonna do something. One guy actually yelled at us lol. Usually when we do it with in a half hour the cops are there chasing us, but i dont know why this time they didnt come. We got lucky i guess. So we decided we over stayed our welcome and it was a matter of time before we'd be running from the po po so we decided to go do some skimmin in this flooded parking lot / field right next to a church. It was some good stuff. I think we are gonna winch there tomorrow. A cop drove right past us in the parking lot and didnt say a word to us surprisingly. I have a lot of video from today and am in the process of importing. Im gonna make a short vid and put it up soon so stay tuned...

school sucks.


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