Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's been ahwile

But I finally finished a wakeskate with a hint of spearfishing in the exumas, video that has been sitting on my computer 95% done for about a year now. I'm not to sure why it was never finished but I finally finished it for all of you to enjoy. I decided to do only a go pro HD video. Which is what most of the random footage I had was filmed on. I'm happy to finally have another video edited and I think I'm going to start riding a lot more this year. 2010 wasn't too great for me, riding less than 6 times I didn't progress much but I see a much brighter wakeskating future ahead of me. Make sure you watch in full screen mode!



  1. thanks for taking me wakeskating today!

  2. hahaha no problem! Anytime. My neck was getting sore from holding you up the whole time though.

  3. what's the name of the song