Monday, February 28, 2011

Photo of the day!

Just recently I was lucky enough to spot a Mola mola or "Giant Sunfish" out off the Jupiter Inlet. I was able to get my gear on and hop in the water and hang out with him. We had a great time eating man-o-wars, going for the occasional cruise down to about 60 feet, coming back up and eating more man-o-wars. Don't let the goofiness of this fish fool you, They look slow and majestic while they are swimming, but they are FAST! He didn't seem to mind my company and I thoroughly enjoyed his. Hopefully we spot another one soon so I can get some more photos. Being in that blue water with this creature was an awesome experience. If you ever get the chance to swim with one, do it! Just don't touch it and let it go about its business. If you do that and just stay calm it will probably stick around for a while. I took some video too. I will post that up later, But for now enjoy the Photo!

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