Monday, December 13, 2010

Fishing off the Jupiter Inlet

We decided friday night we would get a crew together of me, my buddy Pat(WhyKnot), and my other buddy Brandon and head out to do a little trolling saturday morning. We didn't get out quite as early as we would like but broke the inlet around 8 to a pretty nice ocean.

We stopped just short of the dropoff around 110 ft and put the spread out. In 160 ft there were birds working everywhere and in the distance we saw something blowing up a huge school of bait. We trolled right through the bait and three of the four rods went off. End up catching 2 of the 3 dolphin hooked up. Good way to start the day!

We kept circling that area and couldn't find that school of bait again. So we kept working south zagging from 120 to 190 and just kept catching small BFT's and bonito on the daisy chain. Finally just south of the pier we saw some more birds working and picked up one more phin.

Nice day on the water with just perfect weather! All of the phins were between 8-15 lbs.

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